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Vehicles Database

Incom T-65 X-WingStarfighter
Type: Space Superiority Starfighter
Weapons: Four Laser Cannons, two proton torpedo launchers
Number of Crew: 1 pilot and an astromech droid
Passenger Capacity: none
The X-Wing is one of the most versatile and important fighters for the Rebel Alliance. It's velocity, firepower, and maneuverability make it ideal for dogfighting Imperial TIE-fighters. The X-Wing is extremely important for the Alliance. It was vital in the first and second destruction of the Death Star and was used by Luke Skywalker in the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor.

Rebel Corellian Corvette (Blockade Runner)
Type: Mid-sized, multi-purpose spacecraft
Weapons: Six Double Turbolaser Cannons
Number of Crew: 45-165 individuals
Passenger Capacity: Can hold up to 600
Also known as the Corellian Corvette, it is known as a good multi-purpose spacecraft. It is very versatile as a troop transport, escort, or passenger/cargo carrier.

Imperial Class Star Destroyer
Type: Capital starship
Weapons: 60 Turbolaser Batteries, 60 Ion Cannon Batteries, 10 Tractor Beam Projectors
Number of Crew: 37,085 individuals
Passenger Capacity: 9,700 Troops
A terrible menace for the Rebellion, a Star Destroyer is capable of mass destruction. Along with it's arsenal of weapons, a Star Destroyer holds AT-AT and AT-ST walkers. A single Star Destroyer holds a full Storm Trooper division and many squadrons of TIE fighters.

Millennium Falcon
Type: Modified Corellian Stock Light Freighter
Weapons: Two Quad Laser Cannons, Two Concussion Missile Tubes, One Light Laser Cannon
Number of Crew: 2 (minimum)
Passenger Capacity: 6
The Millennium Falcon is a versatile spacecraft. It was once owned by Lando Calrissian, but changed possession to Han Solo after a bet was lost by Lando. Han Solo modified his craft with better electrical equipment and larger holding compartments to accompany his smuggling engagements. The ship became extremely important when Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker hired Han Solo to take them to the planet Alderaan.

Koenayr BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter
Type: Attack Fighter
Weapons: Two Laser Cannons, Two Proton Torpedo Launchers, Two Light Ion Cannons
Number of Crew: 2 (plus an astomech droid)
Passenger Capacity: None
The Y-Wing is the most heavily weaponed starship available for the Alliance. It also has the most powerful armor and shields, but it is known throughout the Alliance as very slow. The Y-Wing was used in the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor.

TIE Fighter
Type: Space Superiority Starfighter
Weapons: Two Laser Cannons
Number of Crew: 1 pilot
Passenger Capacity: None
The TIE Fighter (TIE is an acronym for Twin Ion Engine) is the most common Imperial fighter. It is small and very maneuverable and easy to destroy because it has no shields and weak armor.

Imperial TIE Bomber
Type: Light Space Bomber
Weapons: Two Laser Cannons, Concussion Missiles, Proton Torpedoes
Number of Crew: 1 pilot
Passenger Capacity: None
The TIE Bomber (TIE is an acronym for Twin Ion Engine) is the most heavily armed fighter used by the Empire. It is slow and not very effective in a dogfight. The usefulness of the TIE Bomber is attacking with heavy weaponry.

Imperial TIE Interceptor
Type: Attack Fighter
Weapons: Four Laser Cannons
Number of Crew: 1 pilot
Passenger Capacity: None
The TIE Interceptor (TIE is an acronym for Twin Ion Engine) is basically a faster TIE Fighter with a stronger hull and four cannons instead of two. Even though it does not have any shields, it can still pose a threat to the Rebel Alliance with it's firepower.

Imperial TIE Advanced
Type: Space Superiority Fighter/Interceptor
Weapons: Two Laser Cannons
Number of Crew: 1 pilot
Passenger Capacity: None
The TIE Advanced (TIE is an acronym for Twin Ion Engine) is a very deadly fighter. It was designed by Lord Darth Vader and was equipped with fast-charging shields and more powerful engines than an X-Wing fighter.

Inom T-47 Snowspeeder
Type: Combat Snowspeeder
Weapons: Two Laser Cannons and a Power Harpoon
Number of Crew: 2
Passenger Capacity: None
The Snowspeeder is used on ice planets. It became extremely useful on the planet Hoth as a scout and as an attack vehicle. The Snowspeeder was one of the only successful defenses against the Empire's dreaded AT-AT's during the Battle of Hoth. One of the Snowspeeder was flown by Luke Skywalker.

Boba Fett's Slave I
Type: Sublight Patrol and Attack Craft
Weapons: Two Twin-Mounted Blaster Cannons, Concussion Missile Tube Launchers, Ion Cannon, Tractor Beam Projector, Two Proton Torpedo Launchers
Number of Crew: 1
Passenger Capacity: 6 prisoners
Owned by the dreaded bounty hunter Boba Fett, the Slave I is a fierce spaceship. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, the Slave I is a force to both the Empire and the Alliance. Boba Fett uses the Slave I to house his prisoners and he works for whoever has the money. One of his more well-known prisoners was Han Solo. After Solo was frozen in carbonite, Boba Fett used the Slave I to take Solo to Jabba the Hutt.

Imperial AT-AT
Type: All-Terrain Armored Transport
Weapons: Two Heavy Laser Cannons, Two Medium Blasters
Number of Crew: 3
Passenger Capacity: 40
The AT-AT is one of the Empire's most destructive machines. Equipped with heavy armor and shielding, the AT-AT is very difficult for the Alliance to defend against. AT-AT's destroyed much of the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Hoth.

Imperial AT-ST
Type: All-Terrain Scout Transport
Weapons: One Twin Blaster Cannon, One Twin Light Blaster Cannon, Concussion Grenade Launcher
Number of Crew: 2
Passenger Capacity: None
The AT-ST is a very destructive machine used by the Empire. AT-ST's were used by the Empire during the Battle of Endor to suppress the Rebel's attempt to destroy the shields to the newly constructed Death Star.

Super Star Destroyer Executor
Type: Super-class Star Destroyer
Weapons: Turbolaser Batteries, Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, Concussion Missile Tubes, Ion Cannons, Tractor Beam Emplacements
Number of Crew: 280,734
Passenger Capacity: 38,000 troops
The Super Star Destroyer was one of two main control ships for the Empire (the other was the Death Star.) It was the only command center during the time between the first and second Death Stars. It was destroyed during the Battle of Endor when a A-Wing fighter crashed into the bridge.

Type: Luxury Vessel
Weapons: Heavy Blaster Cannons
Number of Crew: 26
Passenger Capacity: 500
The Skiff was used by Jabba the Hutt on the planet Tatooine. Filled with scum from throughout the universe, the Skiff is not a nice place to be. After the frozen Han Solo was sold to Jabba the Hutt, the statue decorated the Skiff's walls. The Skiff, along with its passengers, was destroyed by Luke Skywalker in the rescue of Han Solo.

Slayn & Korpil B-Wing Starfighter
Type: Heavy Assault Starfighter
Weapons: Three Medium Ion Cannons, Two Proton Torpedo Launchers, One Laser Cannon, Two Auto-Blasters
Number of Crew: 1 pilot
Passenger Capacity: None
The B-Wing Starfighter is a very heavily armored vehicle with an arsenal of weapons. It's unusual design gives the pilot firm control and the armor allows the pilot to attack Frigates and other large Imperial ships.

Speeder Bike
Type: Military Speeder Bike
Weapons: Laser Cannon
Number of Crew: 1
Passenger Capacity: None
The Speeder Bike is primarily used by the Empire on the planet Endor. They travel extremely fast and were used by both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire in the Battle of Endor.

Imperial Shuttle
Type: Shuttle
Weapons: Three Double Blaster Cannons, Two Double Laser Cannons
Number of Crew: 2 to 6
Passenger Capacity: 10
The main purpose of the Imperial Shuttle is to transport very important people from one area to another. The Imperial Shuttle was used to transport the Emporer and Darth Vader to the Death Star just before the Battle of Endor.

A-Wing Starfighter
Type: Interceptor and Multi-purpose Fighter
Weapons: Two Borstel RG9 laser cannons (Single-fire or Fire-linked), Two Dymek HM-6 concussion missile launchers (6 missiles each)
Number of Crew: 1
Passenger Capacity: None
The A-Wing is a very maneuverable spacecraft and is loved by the Rebel pilots. It is equipped with two lasers, which is not alot, but the speed of the craft makes up for the lack of weapons. The A-Wing was primarily used in the Battle of Endor and it was an A-Wing that destroyed the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

Mon Calamari Cruiser
Type: Capital Starship
Weapons: 48 Turbolasers, 20 Ion Batteries, Tractor Beam Projectors, 2 X-Wing Squadron, 3 Y-Wing Squadron, 1 A-Wing Squadron
Number of Crew: 5,402
Passenger Capacity: 9000 Troops
Heavily armored and full of firepower, the Mon Calamari Cruiser is a force for the Empire. It is the flagship for the Rebel Alliance and is commanded by Admiral Ackbar.

Nebulon B Escort Frigatebr> Type: Escort Starship
Weapons: 12 Turbolasers, 12 Laser Cannons, Tractor Beam Projectors, 1 X-Wing Squadron or 1 A-Wing and Y-Wing Squadron.
Number of Crew: 920
Passenger Capacity: 800
The Medical Frigate is one of the Rebel Alliance's most important ships. Used as a medical platform, a command center, and a armored post, the Medical Frigate is used thoroughly. Although thought of as a Rebel ship, the Empire uses many also.

Death Star
Type: Moon-like Space Station
Weapons: 10,000 Turbolasers, 2,500 Laser Cannons, 2,500 Ion Cannons, 700 Tractor Beams, and a Superlaser
Number of Crew: 27,000 Officers, 774,500 Troops, 400,000 Personnel, 25,000 Stormtroopers
Passenger Capacity: Apr. 1,000,000
The Death Star battle station was the Empire's ultimate weapon for terror. It was as large as a moon and was capable of destroying an entire planet. Designed by Grand Moff Tarkin, the station was symbolic of the reign of terror that the galaxy was under. The first Death Star destroyed the planet Alderaan in a show of power, but was itself destroyed by Luke Skywalker in the Battle of Yavin. The second Death Star, however, was bigger and even more powerful, although it was never completed. It was destroyed during the Battle of Endor.